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Guaitil Pottery Shopping

Guaitil Pottery and Shopping Santa Cruz Tour

CULTURAL: Guaitil Pottery and Shopping Santa Cruz Tour

Guaitil is a small village located just outside Santa Cruz, the primary center of Costa Rican folklore. In this town, people make clay pots by hand, decorate them with the earth´s natural colors and fire them in giant wood-burning ovens, just as their ancestors, the Chorotega Indians, did. The Chorotegas, is a group of Indians who ruled the land between Lake Nicaragua and the Nicoya Peninsula.

Also, during the journey, pottery will be shown in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Learn about Guanacaste´s watching the pottery works.

You will visit Santa Cruz and if we get there by lunch time, you will have the chance to visit a really typical guanacastecan restaurant (lunch is not included).

Guaitil Pottery

Santa Cruz Folclore

Duration: Half day!! 7:30 a.m – 12 m.d Aprox.


Wear: Shorts, T shirt, comfortable shoes and a cap.


Bring: Camera, sunscreen and cash.


Included: Fruits and drinks.