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The wide biodiversity, typical of the Costa Rican territory, also affects the people... In fact, people of different colors and credos live together- here - in total reciprocal respect. Such an evident tolerant inclination in the nature of Costa Ricans has turned him into an amiable, spontaneous and obliging person, friendly and self-assured, gifted with a strong national pride...Smiles are sincere in Costa Rica and a special cordiality radiates from people's faces, so difficult to be found in other places of the world.


Costa Rica is also one of the oldest Democracies of America enjoying today such political stability that earned the country the Name " The Switzerland of the Americas "Peace and perpetual neutrality are based on courageous convictions, to the extent that the country has no army, that being prohibited by its constitution.

In Costa Rica the following species find protection:


  • 13000 varieties of plants (More than Canada and U.S.A together).


  • 3000 species of Butterflies


  • 237 species of mammals.


  • 848 species of birds among 383 known species of reptiles and amphibians.